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Lemon Curd Cake

Ingredients: 12

In response to the 2021 lockdown, I decided to give a weekly Zoom talk based on the ABC Classic FM annual top 100 countdown. The topic was ...

Lemon Sour Cake

Ingredients: 12

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Coconut Cake

Ingredients: 12

Each era in music has certain characteristics which make it unique. These are often due to the social and political nature of the period, advancement in technologies ...


The Latest Posts

April 20th, 2015

Towering Alaska and Music in World War II

When we, in the English speaking world, think about the music of World War II, it glows with warmth of great nostalgia. You can’t help but smile when listening to Vera Lynn or watching the American war musicals of the period.

In fact, I was recently listening to 702 ABC radio when the presenter, a musician, talked about his love of the music from the war years as a lady listening to his show crooned a song down the telephone for all to hear. But what if this music didn’t have that same feeling of nostalgia? What if, instead, it conjured up the atrocities of the period? . . .


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What's On

What's On is Andy’s blog where she writes about events, places and thoughts in the musical world. Over the last few years, Andy has written a number of blogs which she would like to share!

Andy Bromberger

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