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Symphony’s Selected Sections

The String Section

The string section is the biggest family in the orchestra and although the instruments all look the same, they have many varying characteristics.


The Woodwind Section

This section is grouped together solely because they were all originally made of wood. Each instrument is more dissimilar than similar to each other and has a family of its own.


The Brass Section

All the instruments in the brass family are blown the same way but their function within the orchestra is very different.


The Percussion Section

The percussion section is the most varied. There are instruments that are hit, strummed, have pitch, are loud and soft. Unlike other members of the orchestra, the percussionist needs to be able to play this huge array of instruments.


Occasional Orchestral 

There are many instruments that are occasionally used in the orchestra. The addition of other instruments has always been a feature of the orchestra and in this class we look at some of them.


The Role of the Conductor

People always ask about the role of the conductor in an orchestraWhat is the actual role of the conductor? Can the orchestra function without one and what makes a good conductor?



Heres What You Need To Know

Date & Time

All classes are held once a month and last for 1 and a half hours starting with coffee and cake.


Locations are the Eastern suburbs or North Shore. They are easily accessable by public transport.


Classes may be conducted elsewhere and can be customised to fit your specific group.

Classes & Groups

Classes must be taken as a series of 6. A minimum of 5 people is required to join a class.


Address will be supplied upon enrolment.


What It's All About

Throughout time women have been excluded from the world of professional music and especially composing. Those few who succeeded in the compositional world were marginalised, forbidden to write certain types of music and had their reputations questioned. 

This series looks at the lives of some female composers from the Medieval to the present day and traces their journeys, the sacrifices they had to make and the exquisite music they wrote.

Series Six
6 Episodes
The St . . .
Episode 1
The W . . .
Episode 2
The P . . .
Episode 4
Occas . . .
Episode 4

Selected Sections

People attend orchestral concert and can name the instruments, but the actual physicality, dimension, sound production, history and function of most instruments remains a mystery. This series looks at each family of instruments, some lesser known instruments and the role of the conductor.

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