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Here's What You Need To Know

Date & Time

All classes are held once a month and last for 1 and a half hours starting with coffee and cake.


Locations are the Eastern suburbs or North Shore. They are easily accessable by public transport.


Classes may be conducted elsewhere and can be customised to fit your specific group.

Classes & Groups

Classes must be taken as a series of 6. A minimum of 5 people is required to join a class.


Address will be supplied upon enrolment.


What It's All About

Throughout time women have been excluded from the world of professional music and especially composing. Those few who succeeded in the compositional world were marginalised, forbidden to write certain types of music and had their reputations questioned. 

This series looks at the lives of some female composers from the Medieval to the present day and traces their journeys, the sacrifices they had to make and the exquisite music they wrote.

Series Two
6 Episodes
Why Ro . . .
Episode 1
Beetho . . .
Episode 2
Concer . . .
Episode 4
Nationa . . .
Episode 4

Reaction, Revolution
& Romanticsm

Many of the ways in which we listen to music, behave in concert halls and treat our performers and composers were formed during the Romantic period. This series looks at how influential this period was in forming our modern musical experience.

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Reaction, Revolution & Romanticsm

Why Romanticism?

The 19th century is very different from all other periods in history; socially politically and musically and has vastly influenced our appreciation of music today.


Beethoven vs Napoleon

Beethoven’s life (1770-1827) and musical output mirrors the turbulent times in which he lived; from the ideas of the Classical period, to the French Revolution, Napoleon, the Congress of Vienna and its aftermath.  How instrumental were these events in shaping Beethoven the man and the music?


The Rise of the Virtuosi

The free market of the 19th century gave composers a lot more individual freedoms  than in other periods. Why then did some of the great composers become superstars whilst others barely made a living?


Concert Etiquette

Concert going completely changed in the Romantic period. How and why did these changes occur and how have we been influenced by them?



Nationalism was a very important aspect of the Romantic period with many countries vying for independence. What influence did music and nationalism have on each other?


Romantic Opera

Unlike the 20th century, Opera in the Romantic period had many different forms with very strict criteria. What were these different forms?


Join Coffee Cake & Culture

Courses do not necessarily follow the term calendar. Organise a group of friends for private classes or join in an existing group.

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