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Heres What You Need To Know

Date & Time

All classes are held once a month and last for 1 and a half hours starting with coffee and cake.


Locations are the Eastern suburbs or North Shore. They are easily accessable by public transport.


Classes may be conducted elsewhere and can be customised to fit your specific group.

Classes & Groups

Classes must be taken as a series of 6. A minimum of 5 people is required to join a class.


Address will be supplied upon enrolment.


What It's All About

Throughout time women have been excluded from the world of professional music and especially composing. Those few who succeeded in the compositional world were marginalised, forbidden to write certain types of music and had their reputations questioned. 

This series looks at the lives of some female composers from the Medieval to the present day and traces their journeys, the sacrifices they had to make and the exquisite music they wrote.

Series Five
6 Episodes
Johann . . .
Episode 1
Ludwig . . .
Episode 2
Wolfga . . .
Episode 4
Pyotr I . . .
Episode 4

Court-Life, Conflict & Composers

Composers do not write in a vacuum. They are influenced by the world around them. This series looks at the lives of 7 composers and sees how the society in which they lived affected their musical output and their lives.

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Court-Life, Conflict & Composers

Johann Sebastian Bach

We consider Bach as one of the supreme composers in the musical world. But in his lifetime J.S Bach was known as a brilliant organist and teacher rather than as a spectacular composer. Why was this the case?


1685 - 1750

Ludwig von Beethoven

Beethoven’s life not only mirrored some of the most tumultuous events in European history; but his health, including his deafness, affected his writing and musical output. By the end of his life, he had changed music forever.


1770 - 1827

Johannes Brahms

A musical war raged during Brahms’ life, the conservatives against the radicals, even though they both believed their musical G-d was Beethoven. Brahms was firmly in the musically conservative camp.


1833 - 1897

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart was the most ‘complete’ composer, dominating in all forms of music. We know so many ‘facts’ about Mozart’s life but this class looks at the ‘truths’.


1756 - 1791

Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky

Tchaikovsky is considered Russia’s most popular composer but is also considered the first Russian composer to make a lasting impression internationally, while other Russian composers felt he was selling out to the West.



Richard Wagner vs. 
Giuseppe Verdi

Wagner and Verdi were born in the same year and became famous for the same musical genre, but this is where the similarities end. The class contrasted the personality and music of both composer.


1813 - 1883 || 1813 - 1901 

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Courses do not necessarily follow the term calendar. Organise a group of friends for private classes or join in an existing group.

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