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Baroque – Bardi To Bach

Renaissance vs Baroque

Composers in the early Baroque had a very different approach to music than those in the late Renaissance. They believed that the complexities of polyphony was masking the true beauty of musicWhat were these major differences, how did these changes come about and what was their impact on the rest of the era?


Early Baroque 1600- 1650

In the Baroque, music was reinventing itself, shifting the emphasis from elaborate music using words to paint pictures, to a new form of music called monody where the single line of music was all important. As a result, aria, recitative, basso continuo and figured bass became important aspects of the period.


Sociology of Baroque Music

What was the world like for the musician at the beginning of the Baroque? How were they educated? How were they employed? What were their roles? Who were the Castrati and how did they come about? This class delves into these questions and more.


Middle years of the Baroque

The percussion section is the most varied. There are instruments that are hit, strummed, have pitch, are loud and soft. Unlike other members of the orchestra, the percussionist needs to be able to play this huge array of instruments.


Instrumental music of
the late Baroque

The last 50 years of the Baroque is where some of the most beautiful, sublime music of the period is written: Handel’s Water Music, Bach’s Suites and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to name a few. This class looks at the instrumental music of the late Baroque.


Vocal music of the late Baroque

Some of the greatest vocal music is from the late Baroque period – music which at the time was only written for one event but which has thrilled us for centuries; Passions, Operas, Oratorios, Masses and more.



Heres What You Need To Know

Date & Time

All classes are held once a month and last for 1 and a half hours starting with coffee and cake.


Locations are the Eastern suburbs or North Shore. They are easily accessable by public transport.


Classes may be conducted elsewhere and can be customised to fit your specific group.

Classes & Groups

Classes must be taken as a series of 6. A minimum of 5 people is required to join a class.


Address will be supplied upon enrolment.


What It's All About

Throughout time women have been excluded from the world of professional music and especially composing. Those few who succeeded in the compositional world were marginalised, forbidden to write certain types of music and had their reputations questioned. 

This series looks at the lives of some female composers from the Medieval to the present day and traces their journeys, the sacrifices they had to make and the exquisite music they wrote.

Series Seven
6 Episodes
Renai . . .
Episode 1
Early . . .
Episode 2
The M . . .
Episode 4
Instru . . .
Episode 4

Baroque – 
Bardi To Bach

The Baroque (1600- 1750) is a period of immense musical change. The era begins with a group of men in Florence, led by Count Bardi, totally influencing the direction of music and finishes with the wonders of the late Baroque with composers like Bach, Handel and Vivaldi changing music forever.

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